Sunday, 4 March 2012

Homework task #1

According to Kim Wilson, writer of the article "Power to the people" blogs have become prominent in that they can influence the future direction of a designer and allow instant communication between designers and their customers. 
Source: Wilson K. 2012, 'Power to the people', L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, March, page 9.

Melbourne based blogger Jamie Wdziekonski uses his blog to record fashion events and street scenes. The blog primarily employs black and white images to reflect Jamie's interest in fashion, music, film and art. He has developed a style of photography that allows him to capture 'unposed' moments. Other than an overview of Jamie's background, the blog is underlined by imagery as limited text is used.

Image: Jamie Wdziekonski, Penthouse Mouse Opening 2012, Ohjamie, viewed 04 March 2012, <> 
I find 'ohjamie' interesting because of its ability to visually demonstrate what people are choosing to wear on a daily basis. The way in which Jamie captures non-mainstream fashion  that have a dark and grungy feel, is also intriguing.

Image: Josh Madson, Greener Pastures 2012, Fashiontoast, viewed 04 March 2012, <>
2. Fashiontoast (
Blogger/model Rumi Neely from 'Fashiontoast' employs her blog as a means of showcasing her own personal style which has later been imitated. 
Rumi's blog is shot on the streets of various locations such as Los Angeles and New York and demonstrate her love of chunky high heels. Currently 'Fashiontoast' has been reporting on the way in which the quirky (but expensive) Italian label Marni has collaborated with H&M to do a collection. This provides an opportunity for everyone to purchase some 'Marni magic'. I like this blog because of its colourful imagery which is set in different outdoor locations. Also, I love how reflectional 'Fashiontoast' is of Rumi's style of chunky heels, short shorts and knitted jumpers.

Hanneli Mustaparta's blog has a polished, sophisticated feel to it, in contrast to 'ohjamie' which has a more grungy vibe. Quick descriptive comments accompany each series of images. As Hanneli is highly regarded as an international model, photographer and blogger, her blog attracts many followers who are fascinated and inspired by her street style, and consider her blog a reliable go-to for the latest trends in fashion. What draws me to her blog is the clarity and crispness of the photography. I also like 'Hanneli' as it provides a unique insight into the fashion industry outside of Australia.

Image: Hanneli Mustaparta, In Paris 2012, Hanneli, viewed
04 March 2012, <

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