Monday, 2 April 2012

Photoshop tutorial

For homework this week I had to complete an online tutorial which required me to put to use all the photoshop skills I have acquired so far. This particular tutorial demonstrates how a watercolour effect can be simulated on photoshop. The watercolour-type brushes that I used throughout the tutorial were downloaded from Brusheezy.
Below is the end result:
Overall I found the tutorial relatively simple and easy to follow, however there were a few problems that I stumbled upon. Firstly, using the polygonal lasso tool to remove the background from the image of the girl was tricky because it only lets you make straight edge selections (it was difficult to trace around the curved edges of the head). Secondly, I initially wasn't sure how to rotate and resize a single layer (the watercolour brush strokes), however I located some straightforward instructions on the internet. Similarly, when the tutorial instructed me to create a gradient using red, yellow, green and blue I was stuck as it does not provide steps on how to do this. Once again, I found the solution to this problem on a website.   

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