Saturday, 21 April 2012


As mentioned in my previous post regarding the prints of Florence Broadhurst I'm considering making the print for my assignment in black and white. In week 5 we learnt how to turn a black and white photograph into a stencil using Photoshop. I'm thinking about adopting this technique to create a motif that has a stencil look to it. 

I experimented with this technique using a starfish image. 
In Photoshop I was able to create the stencil effect by setting the file on grayscale mode and adjusting the input levels to remove the grey. I pulled all the input sliders into the centre until the only colours remaining were black and white. An alternative tool which I also tested out and achieves the same effect is the threshold tool. Like the levels tool, the threshold tool makes all the pixels in the image to be either black or white. I adjusted the threshold slider so that I could get as much white detail.

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